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Mold Inspection / Remediation - MicroArmor has performed over 2,000 mold inspections and over 1,800 mold remediation projects during the last 15 years The engineering controls, proprietary products and service protocols we utilize are recognized as the most advanced in the industry. And our extensive build-back capabilities reduces total project costs and provides for a comprehensive, REAL warranty that covers all services and products..... MORE INFO > MOLD INSPECTION , MOLD REMEDIATION


MicroArmor Products - Faced with available products that did not keep pace with our advancing techniques and customer demands, we developed and began manufacturing our own “Super Charged”, EPA approved proprietary Disinfectant Cleaners and Organic Stain Remover.. MicroArmor also has developed and distributes the leading Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer and an All Natural Bed Bug Spray .. MORE INFO > Hand Sanitizers, All Natural Bug Spray


Duct Cleaning / Sanitizing / Cleaning - Over the past 20 years MicroArmor has saved homeowners millions of dollars in unnecessary duct replacement. Our proprietary products and techniques enable us to remove both physical and microbial contaminants safely and cost effectively. Our exclusive non-toxic, non-corrosive, EPA approved duct coating safely repairs the insulation and provides a protective seal that resists microbial growth.... MORE INFO > Duct Cleaning


Prevention & Ordor Elimination - MicroArmor has provided residential, institutional and commercial customers with advanced odor elimination and microbial products and services. Our state of the art protocols inclulde elimination of mold, bacteria, viruses and associated odors and application of a durable, long lasting defensive coating. Our products are based on the same technology used by professional, college and high school sports programs to reduce the risk of infections such as MRSA........ MORE INFO > ODOR ELIMINATION , ADVANCED MICROBIAL PREVENTION